and other new world order nasties in aotearoa

Monday, 30 January 2012

same old same old for a weekend

every single saturday since about december at least, and probably longer, we've been subjected to chem activity in the skies above us...

all those photos above are from saturday, below is sunday and it was just a case of same shit, different day...

i'm not putting much hope in the week ahead being any more free of this crap either!

Monday, 23 January 2012

wellington anniversary day

from kapiti right down to wellington, we got some aircrap for our anniversary day celebrations! from paekakariki north up to waikanae and beyond,  there was some toxic, man-made crud up above us...

top pic is paekak @ 2.33 pm

middle pic param @ 2.40 pm

bottom pic param, same time.

above, at param taking a photo over kapiti island - do you see the fine chemline through the sky? there was one directly above(or below?) it, but my phone couldn't pick it up even with lots of zoom. i imagine from that pic i can see it, but i did see it with my bare eyes.

waikanae looking south at 2.51pm

both waikanae at about 2.51ish

i mean, really, does this look "traditional" and "natural" to you? yes? well then you've been watching too much telly and reading the word of the beast.
love that halo...NOT! that's just gross and by the way - what the hell is up there? what the hell are they putting up there? is it radiation? aerosol? wtf is it?

and as far down as wellington, was this crap. look at it. pasted across the sky like some toxic smear. disgusting. that pic was taken at 4.08pm.

and tawa - which is kind of in the middle of waikanae and wellington city proper- also, of course, copped a case of the cruddy-skies. the poor sun tried to break through the sludge. that above pic taken at 7.40pm.

looking south at 8pm. you can see from the nice blue sky what sort of a day we would have had, had it been unmolested by aerosol assault.
so lets say goodnight to the sun...

and the day that could have been...

Sunday, 22 January 2012

sunday chemmy sunday

getting up to go to work this morning, i opened my curtains to this...

that one above is looking south toward wellington. they were already covered with murk and gloom. guess some wanker was up there really early spraying them. those 3 pix above were taken at 7.08am. the other side of my house wasn't any better...

you can see from the clear bits of sky that are there that it would've been a fucken awesome day if not for that aerosol!
the good folks of johnsonville didn't fare much better either, i'm afraid...

pretty gruesome huh!? but still the sheeple sleep...

those pix of johnsonville were taken at 8.30am.

and it wasn't any better in wellington either...

that was taken about 10am. there was a fierce westerly blowing and you could see the chems moving across the sky. one fella was looking up at the shit 'watching the jetstream' he reckoned. i told him, 'more like watching the chems'! anyway, come 2pm the sky is fully covered with cloud, eastbourne can't be seen from welly cos the sky is so black over there and it started raining. come 2.40pm the wind has swung around to become a screaming southerly, pissing down hard out with rain and freezing fucken cold. but still the sheeple sleep...we would've had such a cracker day if we weren't subjected to this weather warfare and aerosol assault! ever feel like you're a prisoner on this planet?

Saturday, 21 January 2012

saturday 21 january 4.30ish pm

well some dickhead pilot is still up there somewhere laying down trails. my last post the photos were taken about 2.30pm. these pix are taken 2 hours later, around about 4.30pm...

because the photo was taken indoors that's the reflection of the curtains in the window in the left of the photo. all the clouds, bar the fluffy ones on the hillcrest are chemaerosol.

saturday 21 january

today started off  a bit rough and cloudy, with a bit of a southerly blowing. then it all cleared up to become a lovely afternoon. sitting down for lunch i looked out the window to see some acrobatic chemtrails to the west of us...

check out the curve on that mutha! do you notice the iridescence in the top of the trail? have another look...

that's the other end of it, and it only took a moderate westerly and a matter of minutes before it was almost over the top of us...

how disgusting! this is the shit we get dumped over us time and time again!

hey north wellington! enjoy your afternoon outdoors having a picnic with your family or out in your garden - never mind the sunblock - you'll need the chemblock!!!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

chemtrails for johnsonville

it was a fantastic day in welly yesterday, beautiful blue skies with not a hint of cloud. unfortunately, we did get a good hint of chemtrails...

these were taken from johnsonville looking north. look at the top of the photo - mmm yum, aerosol ripples!

even the rich residents of khandallah and ngaio got some too.

this one was taken with a zoom in. hmmm, looks like skycrap to me.

and wellington town itself got some too. this one was taken looking northeast. johnsonville is about 10km from wellington as the crow flies (or as the train travels) so as you can imagine there were a few trails around yesterday. no-one i talked to mentioned anything about them though - not that that surprised me - so the sheeple still just think they must be normal. seems to me that dumb is the new normal.

Monday, 16 January 2012

saturday 14 january

saturday started off nicely enough for north welly - if you're a zombot who never looks above you! those of us with functioning brains in our heads saw that we were in for much of what we normally get around and above here...

this one was to the southwest of us

here's a zoom in just to really see that aerosol

this ugly little mess was to the east of us

i could almost see this one moving and morphing in front of my eyes. those two photos were only taken a couple of minutes apart, at the most.

we were also cursed this day, and since thursday, with the most hideous winds! we had a constant wind blowing that also gusted with enormous ferocity. to me, because i don't trust anything anymore, it felt fake and manufactured. it was coming from the west of us and just ripped all the chemtrails above us to dust. the air around here was really hazy, so obvious especially to the naked eye. the wind continued all day sunday and into the evening as well. monday morning has dawned quite still, thank fuck, because it was really starting to get on my nerves! wake up, wellington! we are the victims of weather warfare!