and other new world order nasties in aotearoa

Friday, 30 December 2011

santa is satan and XMAS is his celebration...

i read something a couple of months ago that basically said santa and xmas are creations of the beast. it was something i had honestly never really thought about much at all. i always liked christmas day in some ways but then really loathed it in other ways. getting together with family for a nice lunch - good. having to go shopping and buy presents - bad. i started thinking about it though, and i have come to the same conclusion.

when you actually stop and think about santa and shopping and gifts and even the word 'xmas', the mark of the beast is all over it. lets make a list and check it twice, shall we?

santa:  i read somewhere ages ago that cocacola invented santa. his name obviously is also an anagram for satan. he encourages people to drink a toxic liquid that makes you fat and rots your teeth and bones. the whole thing about him coming down a chimney to give kids presents is a fucken lie! parents willingly lie to their children about santa so they can spend even more $$$ on crap that most probably the kids don't even need. he sneaks into your house at night, when everyones asleep - like some night stalker or burglar or something yuck.

shopping (and the needless stress for the PERFECT gift): what a gip. a total fucken gip and every year almost everyone falls for it. sheeple spend money that they don't even have to buy stuff that they don't even need at the expense of something or someone somewhere else. consume consume consume. that's all you're programmed to do at xmas. buy more food than you can eat, make more rubbish for more landfills. buy wrapping paper to wrap presents that you're just going to unwrap again and chuck into the rubbish.

the word 'xmas' and its possible meaning: there's a number of blogs i read that deal in symbology and all that sort of stuff. for them, and for me too now, now that i've stopped and thought about it, chopping off the 'christ' bit at the front of the word 'christmas' and replacing it with an 'x' is a mark of the beast. to satanists the x means something derogatory towards jesus and god or something like that. i liken it to the beast having cocked his leg and pissed all over christmas and replaced it with xmas. he's made it his own. another reason too, people are just so damn lazy these days, with their writing, grammar and especially, language. with texting, typing and touching the new reading, writing, arithmetic i can see the beast here for sure.

people could really improve their lives and the lives of those around them if they stopped falling for xmas and all it's beastliness and instead enjoyed christmas day in a more spiritual way. even if it's just a day off work for you, who doesn't need to work less?  even if it's just a small lunch with your loved ones with no presents, that shouldn't matter at all. christmas should be celebrated to bring us happiness, stress free happiness. or just not even worried about at all if that's what you're in to.

so yeah, after thinking about it and being part of the whole christ/x/mas woopdedoo this year i can fully see the beastly influences and fingerprints all over it. there's still some good there for sure - for me it's food and family - and a day off work is always a nice thing for me too - but the whole consume get credit consume get stress spend money lie to children blah blah blah bullshit well, i'm just fucken over it.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

do you feed the beast?

i think by now it should be apparent to any half wit that the world is in a terrible, terrible state. perhaps to many of us it is also becoming apparent that the world itself, and all who walk upon her, are being controlled and dictated to by a single entity. i call this entity 'the beast'.

it has many limbs, heads, arms and fingers and it draws its sustenance from us, mankind. we feed it. and it feeds off us.

the beast is huge and we feed it everyday in a billion different ways. every time we buy and drink coca cola we feed the beast. if you watch hollywood movies, read or watch mass media news and television or buy gossip magazines then you feed the beast. when you eat fast food like mcdonalds, not only are you putting totally crap food into your system, you are also feeding the beast. all the ugly corporations in the world, such as nestle, mcdonalds, cocacola, proctor & gamble ad nauseum are some of the limbs on the beast. when you buy their products, you give life to the beast. giving your brain and intelligence over to the television, with it's incessant and isidious mind programming is also supporting the life of the beast. getting a mortgage and paying interest on loans for money that never existed in the first place is definite food for the beast. when you are in debt and you're working a million hours a week to pay off a house you're never in because you're always at work, well, the beast just loves that. it gets to work you hard, fuck your family life and take most of your wage in the form of taxes - never, ever forget that bankers, banks and banking are such a huge part of the beast, probably most of it's body is made up of these wankers, wanks all wanking. the beast loves war, hates peace and love and most probably just wants to see you dead, you useless eater.

myself personally, i'm trying to starve the beast. i consciously try to do everything in my power that i can to starve the fucken thing to death. the world doesn't have to be the way that it is. the masses, the sheeple, need to wake up and realise that they are part of the problem. if you're keeping something alive that's harming you and the place you live, why would you support it?

there are as many ways to starve the beast as there is to feed it. turn off the telly for a start. if the beast can't get you to hear it's propaganda and lies then it's starved of life. if you're not watching that mindless drivel that programs and desensitises then the beast will go hungry. stop buying off already rich corporations that fuck people and steal their wealth, whatever it may be. if you have to buy stuff (which we all do) then at least turn yourself into a conscious consumer and give your money to the business that really needs or deserves it. all that 'buy local, keep your country working' shit, yeah, well its fucken true. don't complain about factories and plants in your country shutting down and making their workforces redundant when you constantly keep buying stuff from overseas. stop reading gossip magazines and wishing you were a celebrity. they're nothing but fakes and puppets and are such a big part of the problem. they could be likened to the cock of the beast. yuck.

one of the nicest, kindest and healthiest things you could do to starve the beast is to start eating a vegetarian diet, especially if you can't face killing an innocent animal yourself. most of the meat people eat today is just factory animal genocidal murder which puts violence into your system and feeds the beast. grow your own veges and make your own little space on this planet a haven for all creatures, great and small. give love and happiness and smile at strangers.

all the shit we see around us everyday, such as violence, war, vaccines and chemtrails - just to name a few - are the products of the beast. these products are trying to kill us, maim us, retard us and control us. once we have identified the beast, in all it's guises, then we can start to starve it and try our hardest to never knowingly feeding it again.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

more goodies in the sky...

the evening of 27 december looked like a normal day in north welly. honestly, it's a fucken miracle if we DON'T get any chem activity...

apologies for the not too good shot but about half way up the pic you can see what looks like a black tube type trail.

and as for today, the 28 december, it's business as usual for those chemtrail pilots. they're getting sneaky lately. last night and this morning we had a bit of cloud up our way and we thought that it may even rain. while the clouds were down those bastards were up there flying their planes of pestilence and left us with a few goodies to discover when the clouds dissipated....

if anything else of note is seen by me today then i'll post an update. suffice to say, those couple of days they left us alone last week have more than been made up for in these last 2 or 3 days.

boxing day presents

north wellington got some heavy chem activity on boxing day. we woke to trails to the west of us and these only increased as the day progressed.

this photo above was taken at about 9.15 the morning of the 26 december. the aerosol is obvious. the grey misty clouds on the crest of the hill looked sort of normal. it just started to roll over the hills and come down like some sort of fog. it didn't take it long though and it had all disappeared. the chem assault, however, did not disappear.

this was above us to the east at about 12.50 pm, 26 december.

and this one was to the north of us. mmmm, poisons anyone?

pic taken at 1.15pm boxing day.

by 3pm this is some of what we were contending with for a glorious day. and it only got worse...

i'm not sure what that strange reflection is above the hills, whether it was my camera or what, but check out the aerosol in the sky - totally fucken toxic - and when you looked at the clouds over the sun with polarised sunglasses on the chembows were that new sick as looking pale green/pink/orange sort of colour.

so we had all that aerosol to the west of us, with a westerly wind too, and this is a photo of what it did. the breeze just basically ripped all the chemclouds apart and started dispersing whatever it was in there. right over the top of the good citizens of north wellington.

whilst those of us in north welly got fucken blasted on boxing day this is what the rest of the wellington area got...

to the south of us, heading toward wellingtown, look at the lovely blue sky - they got a really nice day!

it was a lovely day to the south and east of us. if it wasn't for that man-made sky crap we would have had a glorious day too.
on that day every time the sun went behind the chems you could feel the heat from it just intensify dramatically. i've been noticing that quite a bit lately. it's what i've started referring to as 'atomic hot'. it's just so damn burning that it feels kind of fake.

Monday, 26 December 2011

merry christmas north wellington xxx

you didn't really think they'd leave us alone on christmas day did you?! i found this present over the trees in north welly at about 4.35 in the afternoon of what was a totally glorious day...

Friday, 23 December 2011

north wellington 2.20pm

you can see how the chemtrails have increased since i took that photo this morning of that one flying solo. all these pix are taken from the same place in about the same direction. not even 2 hours later and look how the sky has gone all mucky! fuck it annoys me!

and a friend texted me just after i took these pix to tell me christchurch nz had another earthquake. do i think haarp is involved somewhere? i sure do.

they're back...

not content with leaving us alone for the festive season, those aerosol assaulters have been busy again this morning over where i live.

 these oh so fucking obvious chemtrails were spotted this morning at about 7.17am. they are over north wellington and heading south back towards wellingtown city.

we've had such fantastic weather lately - it's been fine with not a cloud in the sky all day since about tuesday/wednesday. coming home from work yesterday i noticed what could've been, but wasn't obviously, chem formations in the sky over eastbourne wainuiomata way. yesterday my neighbourhood was spared. today it's not. tawa is once again under attack!
sorry for the wonky angle on this picture but it shows pretty plainly that it's a chemtrail. this was this morning, north of porirua, at about 7.15am.

i saw this ugly little fucker at 12.23pm this afternoon above my house.

tawa residents, north wellington residents! look above you! look in the sky at the crap they're spraying. they are not clouds in the natural sense. THEY ARE CHEMTRAILS!!!

Monday, 12 December 2011

Does anyone even care?

i've lost count of the number of photos i have taken of chemtrails over the years. i must have at least a hundred, probably more. the first time i saw a chembow i took photos of it, i was enchanted by it's beauty.
even though the sky is a horrible, soupy mess of chemtrail, the iridescence that it has enabled is quite pretty.
and because i'd never seen one before i didn't really know what it was. thanks goodness for mobile camera phones-without mine i'd never have the pictorial proof that i have for the ongoing aerosol assault that my part of the world is under.

i've lost count, too, of the number of people i have tried to tell about chemtrails and what they could possibly be. most of them really don't care, it seems. a lot of them have kids but that still doesn't seem to light any fire in them. they think i'm a weirdo conspiracy theorist. they'd rather look at their phone texts or watch the telly rather than look up at the sky and spot the anomalies.

which brings me to my point. does anyone even care? i'm trying to do my part to alert people but it just doesn't seem to be working. i started this blog to try and get my photos out there but according to the stats on it, no page views today (thus far) and only one for all of yesterday (and that was probably a spybase in germany somewhere). talking to people doesn't seem to do anything. putting up guerilla posters at train stations didn't help because the cleaners ripped them all down. doing this blog is basically like talking to myself. so what do i do?
they say that if you're not part of the solution then you're part of the problem. i'm trying to be part of the solution. i guess i'll just have to keep looking at the sky, mobile phone handy and continue talking to myself.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

new world order nastie #1

Kia Ora to all those in aotearoa. this is an important message for you all.
Currently our government is preparing a law, in line with it's duty as a WTO member and it's obligation to Codex Alimentarius, that will make the growing and selling or gifting of food illegal unless you're registered. yes, you read that correctly.

ILLEGAL to grow food and give it to a friend or neighbour unless you're
anyone knows that registration = regulation = control.

for the full guts of this outrageous plan i strongly urge you to have a look at

if you don't think aotearoa is in the hands of the nwo, well, you must be a fucking retard.

Saturday, 10 December 2011


we saw this aerosol assault happening, as in we could see the plane laying it. unfortunately it was far too high up for us to even try to identify anything about the aircraft. it started from the north of our house in north wellington and went right over the top of us in a southerly direction, towards the capital and our fellow countrymen in the north of the south island. happy chemtrails day to you all!!


All of us here in north wellington have been under attack from chemtrails since about thursday. the skies have been looking absolutely toxic. heavy cloud and light rain on friday disguised the trails that must have been laid above them - when they cleared we were treated to a variety of different looking trails that all appeared in their own ways to be sinister in nature.
 photo taken at 7.36pm friday 9 december
 not quite an hour later, photo taken at 8.23pm friday 9 december
 mmm nice, 8.25pm 9 december
 9 december at 8.27pm. looks like a drag race or something happened in the sky. total toxins.

i can kind of deal with it myself - i'm well aware of what they really are - the thing that really fucks me off and which i'm finding harder and harder to deal with are the total fucking idiots who think these things are 'natural cloud formations' made by the good Mother Earth herself.