and other new world order nasties in aotearoa

Monday, 30 July 2012

sunday 29 july

sunday morning the planes must have been out nice and early because we woke to chemtrails above and being blown toward us with the help of a keen northerly.

check out this pic - no, it's not big blobs of white paint on my camera lens - they are 'clouds' that drop their payload on land and sea and everything contained therein...

that was taken at 11.25am. what a lovely start to the day!

pic at left taken facing north 12.27pm

pic above facing west at 1.32pm and pic to the right was taken
facing southwest at the same time. so you can see, we are basically smothered and surrounded with the dreaded things!

by 3.29pm solar obscuration was being achieved. look at that pic at the bottom of the sun. lines. lines that tell me that this is war against nature - weapon of choice? chemtrails.

all day long those trails dripped and dropped, blown on the wind and dumped onto the unsuspecting residents of tawa.

such a strong wind blew them to bits, but at 4.57 pm they were still up there, laying more. dumbarses.

pic left was taken at 4.56pm, facing west. if you think that is harmless then sorry, there is something really, really wrong with you.

by 5.16pm that is what it had turned into.

so the darkside got to 'tick' off a few boxes yesterday in their war against nature and us.
population dusted and dumbed down? tick!
sun obscured to prevent absorption of vitamin d? tick!
a totally naturally nice day fucked with and screwed? TICK!!

i couldn't take any photos last night because i don't have a good enough camera but we could still see chemtrails last night and we also saw a massive cloud type ring, right around the moon.

this morning it rained and the sky is one big grey murky blanket. underneath it though, a bit of blue sky manages to be seen...

too bad it's being obscured further still by more chems!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

how to ruin a day via aeroplane...

saturday 28 july. the day looks like it's going to be just like yesterdays weather - PERFECT! honestly, friday 27 july was massively gorgeous! crisp, clear blue skies with just the lightest of a breeze and unadulterated sunshine all day long! it was lovely, and i'm sure most of us made the most of it.

so today looks like it's going to be exactly the same - yay! except someone else has something else in mind for us...


pic below is taken at 12.12pm

photo to the right taken at 1.26pm

 photo above taken at 1.59pm, below is a bit of a zoom in, just to really see the evil contained in the trails.

the photo above, taken at 2.57pm shows that the end of the bombardment is almost over! populace dusted and bombed for the day!

but in order to appreciate WHY I LOOK UP SO MUCH i have to, very often, LOOK DOWN AROUND ME and appreciate the perfection of nature.

the reason i hate chemtrails is because it is flat-out undeniably man killing nature.

i mean after all, isn't that the reason most of us want to expose these aerosol trails for what they are? because we have a basic or maybe even very advanced, sense of nature and the beauty of nature? call it what you will, but i like to think of it these days as gods creation. chemtrails kill nature.

so at last the sun was unaccosted by that trail of crud and got to shine through like it should have all day long...

keep looking up, and keep looking down, to keep you looking up.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

11 july twothousandandtwelve

even though i haven't posted any photos lately, we have still been getting bombarded by chemtrails. i decided i'd better start pointing it out publicly again.

those above, taken at 8.51 in the morning facing east and west.

top pic 11.22 am

middle pic 1.40 pm

bottom pic 4.52 pm

here's my theory. they spray the trails, as seen above at 8.51 am. the trails expand and fall apart as they are moved along with the help of the wind. as the trails are falling they start to form the puffball 'clouds' as seen at 11.22 am. the puffballs then become bigger and coalesce with one another, as seen at 1.40pm. with the wind having been coming from the south that day, it's all being blown north and we are left with a beautiful clear sky in it's wake, as seen at 4.52 pm. have a close look at those trails above the hills. it illustrates almost perfectly what i am positing. in real life when you observe those sorts of trails you can see them dropping dust, literally falling apart very slowly. then for whatever reason this does that and you get the thick, sludgey cover that can be seen directly above the hilltop. it is solar obscuration of the most enormous magnitude. i may be wrong, i don't know. i might be right. i know what i've seen and continue to see. i do know that this day was meant to be lovely, an absolute gift in the middle of winter. the clear blue skies that can be seen imprisoned behind the fake arse 'clouds' attests to that. but no. we weren't allowed a nice day to top up our reserves of vitamin d and photons. we got chembombed instead. and that really pisses me off.

it's a worldwide problem...

i know from my own personal experience that the problem of chemtrails is a worldwide thing. the photos below were taken by me on the other side of the world from where i live. we are ALL under attack, in some way, from some thing.