and other new world order nasties in aotearoa

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

the week of chems

the week that was, last week, was a mixed bag as it always is, when you are the victim of weather warfare...

monday 5 march 9.35am - chemtrail sitting on the hill, ready to come and get us! we ended up having a lovely day but we still had chems in the morning, afternoon and evening. look at the sky - so blue and nice!

tell tale halo around the sun, this pic was taken 6 march at about 8.42 am. this day degenerated into a cloudy day all day with chems apparent through the breaks in the cloud.

pic to the right taken at 1.10pm 7 march. we've got chemsmears at the bottom of the frame and fake toxic whiteys up the top. the right hand top of the photo just shows the halo of toxic shit around the sun. this day went down hill fast. in the afternoon the wind changed to the south, it pissed down with rain and the wind ramped it up about 100 notches and gave us killer southerlies. how delightful.

8 march was fully cloudy so didn't get any snaps of chems but the weather was warfareful - freezing cold like winter and still the killer southerlies were around.

pick your poison, cos it's all here. 9 march 8.00am. this day was cloudy all day then cleared in the afternoon.

saturday 10 march was a day of solar obscuration. i took over 50 photos on this day alone. obviously i can't post them all, cos that would be silly, but here is a fair idea of why wellington's summer was 21% LESS SUNNY than last summer, and the cloudiest summer since records began in 1928. as you know, it's cos they pump crap into the sky that obscures the sun. enjoy...

10 march 8.03am, facing west.

10.32am, facing east                                                                 

 pic to the right, taken 10.33 facing northwest.

the wind was quite strong this day, and coming from the north. a lot of what they pumped up there just wouldn't stick around, the wind blew it away, so they sent it in from the west. this pic taken at 2.40pm.














Monday, 5 March 2012

a weekend of weather warfare

we were the victims of weather warfare this weekend just gone, 3&4 march. the weather heads and mess media dubbed it a 'weather bomb'. interesting choice of words, but apt too, considering terrorists use bombs and usually know where they want them to detonate. severe weather warnings were issued for many parts of the country.

saturday morning dawned with pissing down rain and screaming winds coming up from the south. and it was fucken freezing. only the first few days of autumn and already it's feeling like winter?! i smell a rat! so it rained basically all day saturday and the wind gusted at at least 100kph where we live.

all the above pictures were taken between 7.42 and 8.05pm the evening of saturday 3 march. that was the 'front' going over our place in north wellington. do you see how clear the sky is through the clouds? i'm not sure if they're apparent in any of those photos but i saw chemsmears painted against the sky. did some dickhead pilot go flying up there and lay them while the storm was raging or were they laid somewhere further down to come up on the wind?

if we thought we were over the terrorist attack then we were wrong. saturday night just got worse where we live and sunday morning showed destruction all over the garden. sunday was freezing, windy as all fuck and it pissed down most of the morning. it's weather warfare, i tell you! sunday arvo it got a bit better - wind was still howling and raging but at least it had stopped raining.

 sunday evening about 7.51 pm we had heaps of shitty stuff coming up from the south but then above our place we had the clear sky. it was like our neighbourhood was the 'stop point' or something for the storm. the clouds just cruised on up slowly and just broke apart over tawa to reveal that lovely clear sky above. look closer though, they left us some aerosol goodies - just to let us know who's boss.

the picture to the left shows what was coming and the one above shows how it just sort of petered out and became clear. very strange...
by late sunday night all we had to contend with was the cold. it was freezing!

and so now here we are monday morning and the day promises to dawn beautiful and clear, but someone, somewhere, has other plans for us...

chems chems everywhere, to ruin and mar the day.

Friday, 2 March 2012

chems for the last day of february

well this month started with chems in the sky, and finished pretty much the same way...

these 3 photos were taken at khandallah at 8.57 in the morning. bear in mind in nz in february it's meant to be summer. everytime the sun was obscured by the chemshit that morning it turned really fucken cold! a southerly was blowing that felt as if it must have been snowing in the south island - really chilly. but when the sun managed to escape the blanket of aerosol it was lovely and warm and you could just imagine (which is all we can do these days) that it really was still summer. check out the pic to the right - nice pink halo around the 'clouds' where the sun was.

look at that fucken sludge - it would've been a beautiful day if not for all that!

so coming home in the afternoon i stopped the car on the side of the road to capture these ugly buggers above me...

look at the pic to the left - white scum trail very very visible and black shadow scum trail beneath, also very visible.

and forgive my ignorance (or lack thereof, as the case may be) but why the hell do people think a sky painted like this is normal? do they really think that clouds really array themselves in this fashion across the sky? and leak and blow apart? and grow? even when it's sunny? god help us all, because until people wake up to this shit, then we are all fucked, every single one of us!

for the month of february, according to my weather diary, we only had one day without any chems in the sky. ONE DAY!! out of 29 fucken days in the month! one day without chemshit above us. that day was february 17.