and other new world order nasties in aotearoa

Friday, 7 December 2012

auckland gets some weather warfare...

yesterday, 6 december, north auckland got a bit of weather warfare. winds blowing at speeds of 200kph and straight line gusts at speeds of 110kph terrorised whenuapai and hobsonville. a tornado destroyed homes and killed 3 men working at a construction site.

met service said that a 'cold upper pool' that was hovering over the country could bring more risk of tornadoes to other parts of the north island today. wellington is at risk of thunder and hail storms. rotorua yesterday also got belted with a tornado but luckily no one was hurt.

our fabulous media whore jew banker prime minister john jew will be going to whenuapai today to speak to the victims of yesterdays weather conflagration. and he'll no doubt make sure the papers and tv get some really good shots of him pretending like he gives a fuck about what happened. auckland mayor len brown said the 'disaster response teams did a fantastic job - we've learnt a lot from christchurch'. yeah, of course you have, you twat, because that 'disaster' was man-made too, just as much as the phoney tornado yesterday and the totally shit weather wellington has had all week.

it's summer in nz. summer means hot dry weather. how the fuck can we have hail storms, tornadoes and buckets and buckets of rain in summer if it's not man-made?

wake up, nz. we are all becoming victims of weather warfare now.

and just out of interest, i would love to have seen what the skies looked like in terms of chemshit trails prior to this 'tornado'.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

start of things to come?

this weekend just gone, the weather was pretty crappy. due to massive aerial aerosol assaults, we spent sunday 2 december coocooned in a humid, windy grey bubble. there was no chance any sunlight was going to penetrate the murk.

monday morning dawned clear and bright - no man-made interferences to be seen in the sky at all!

come monday evening though, over the township of tawa, something had left it's mark across the blue sky above...

and now, on tuesday morning, i'm not at all surprised to see our weather for today, courtesy of the darkside...

Sunday, 2 December 2012

another stupid ritual

around the end of november, in this pitiful new world experiment that is the land called 'new zealand' the sheeple gather to bleat about the violence that is perpetrated against women by men.

they celebrate(?) 'white ribbon day'. everybody dons white ribbons to show the other sheep that they are AGAINST VIOLENCE TO WOMEN.

nz, traditionally and contemporarily, is an extremely violent country. men bash men, men bash women, women bash women, everybody bashes everybody, all the damn time and in every facet of life.

children being bashed to death, by utter dumbfucks who are an insult to god's creation makes be sick to be in this hell-hole. more children in this country die at the hands of their 'care-givers' [there's some orwellian cognitive dissonance fucken pc speak for ya!] than anywhere else in the world per fucken capita - i am sure of it!

then there are the things nz'ers do in their spare time which are also violent. hunting. fishing. rugby (not to mention totally fucken gay). horse racing.

violence on the dinner plate? nz has a massive economic stake in farming. less than 5% of nz'ers abstain from eating the murdered flesh of animals and eating a vegetarian diet. one of the best ways community groups raise money in this country is with 'sausage sizzles' - big as bbq, cooking sausages outside supermarkets and shopping centres being sold cheap as to the fat fucks who don't need to eat that shit.

because we are all living in this 'new worse order' they need to emasculate men and masculinise women. they also need everyone to think(?) that women are being bashed and bruised all the time, by men. enter 'white ribbon day'. a useless ritual, blindly adopted by the stupid, for the stupid. a giving away of energy from the masses for a massive dose of cognitive dissonance. hand over your money for the ribbon, and hand over your brain at the same time.

fuck white ribbon day! here's an idea: how about no violence at all to anyone or anything at any time of every day? it works for me - and i live by it with no detriment to me or anything or anyone else at any time of every day. no violence - at all.