and other new world order nasties in aotearoa

Friday, 7 December 2012

auckland gets some weather warfare...

yesterday, 6 december, north auckland got a bit of weather warfare. winds blowing at speeds of 200kph and straight line gusts at speeds of 110kph terrorised whenuapai and hobsonville. a tornado destroyed homes and killed 3 men working at a construction site.

met service said that a 'cold upper pool' that was hovering over the country could bring more risk of tornadoes to other parts of the north island today. wellington is at risk of thunder and hail storms. rotorua yesterday also got belted with a tornado but luckily no one was hurt.

our fabulous media whore jew banker prime minister john jew will be going to whenuapai today to speak to the victims of yesterdays weather conflagration. and he'll no doubt make sure the papers and tv get some really good shots of him pretending like he gives a fuck about what happened. auckland mayor len brown said the 'disaster response teams did a fantastic job - we've learnt a lot from christchurch'. yeah, of course you have, you twat, because that 'disaster' was man-made too, just as much as the phoney tornado yesterday and the totally shit weather wellington has had all week.

it's summer in nz. summer means hot dry weather. how the fuck can we have hail storms, tornadoes and buckets and buckets of rain in summer if it's not man-made?

wake up, nz. we are all becoming victims of weather warfare now.

and just out of interest, i would love to have seen what the skies looked like in terms of chemshit trails prior to this 'tornado'.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

start of things to come?

this weekend just gone, the weather was pretty crappy. due to massive aerial aerosol assaults, we spent sunday 2 december coocooned in a humid, windy grey bubble. there was no chance any sunlight was going to penetrate the murk.

monday morning dawned clear and bright - no man-made interferences to be seen in the sky at all!

come monday evening though, over the township of tawa, something had left it's mark across the blue sky above...

and now, on tuesday morning, i'm not at all surprised to see our weather for today, courtesy of the darkside...

Sunday, 2 December 2012

another stupid ritual

around the end of november, in this pitiful new world experiment that is the land called 'new zealand' the sheeple gather to bleat about the violence that is perpetrated against women by men.

they celebrate(?) 'white ribbon day'. everybody dons white ribbons to show the other sheep that they are AGAINST VIOLENCE TO WOMEN.

nz, traditionally and contemporarily, is an extremely violent country. men bash men, men bash women, women bash women, everybody bashes everybody, all the damn time and in every facet of life.

children being bashed to death, by utter dumbfucks who are an insult to god's creation makes be sick to be in this hell-hole. more children in this country die at the hands of their 'care-givers' [there's some orwellian cognitive dissonance fucken pc speak for ya!] than anywhere else in the world per fucken capita - i am sure of it!

then there are the things nz'ers do in their spare time which are also violent. hunting. fishing. rugby (not to mention totally fucken gay). horse racing.

violence on the dinner plate? nz has a massive economic stake in farming. less than 5% of nz'ers abstain from eating the murdered flesh of animals and eating a vegetarian diet. one of the best ways community groups raise money in this country is with 'sausage sizzles' - big as bbq, cooking sausages outside supermarkets and shopping centres being sold cheap as to the fat fucks who don't need to eat that shit.

because we are all living in this 'new worse order' they need to emasculate men and masculinise women. they also need everyone to think(?) that women are being bashed and bruised all the time, by men. enter 'white ribbon day'. a useless ritual, blindly adopted by the stupid, for the stupid. a giving away of energy from the masses for a massive dose of cognitive dissonance. hand over your money for the ribbon, and hand over your brain at the same time.

fuck white ribbon day! here's an idea: how about no violence at all to anyone or anything at any time of every day? it works for me - and i live by it with no detriment to me or anything or anyone else at any time of every day. no violence - at all.

Friday, 17 August 2012

11 august 2012

saturday 11 aug was looking like it was going to be another beautiful day, and it would've been, if not for some jerkoff going flying in his plane and dumping some chems on us...

that pic was taken at 9.17am. welcome to your weekend, suckers!

top pic taken at 1.46pm

middle at 3.03pm

bottom at 3.33pm.

the goal of the day was obviously solar obscuration and by and large they succeeded. look at the photo at the right though - you can see it's really meant to be a lovely day and then they come along and fuck it up for us all!

pure fucken chemicals, right there! it's like chemsmear 101. pink halo around the sun. wispy edges at the top where it's being blown apart. ripple effect through it. grrrrr! 

the pic just above and to the right were taken from inside. at this stage we had abandoned all outdoor activities on our day off from slaving for the man and had retreated indoors due to the chems being blown apart by the northerly that was starting to pick up. the pic at the right was taken at 4.44pm.

now, this is where it gets interesting and i'm starting to see a pattern forming. we were given all this skyshit on saturday. the wind was coming from the north so all this stuff passed over us all day long. you can see it was meant to be a fantastic day, that is without debate. when sunday arrived it was absolutely pissing down with rain and the wind and weather were coming from the south - so we got it all again, this time in the form of rain. it seems to be happening like that a fair bit lately. whether you get it dry in the form of the powdery chems that drop on fine days or whether you get it in the form of toxified rain clouds it really seems like you just can't escape them.

and as for monday afternoon, well, the pricks were just having a good old laugh...

it's literally enough to make you sick!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

another man-made 'natural' occurence?

was the eruption of mt tongariro triggered by some type of HAARP device?

with the excuse of all the 'ash' in the atmosphere will this allow even more chemtrail activity to be carried out?

could this be part of the preparation for the "holographic 'screen'" required for project blue beam?

or was it just a totally natural occurence - mt tongariro blew a bit of ash and whatnot?

Thursday, 2 August 2012

freaky rainbow in the sky...

i snapped some pics of a very strange rainbow over the sea in the strait between the north and south islands.

it was like a rainbow inasmuch as it appeared to be near ground level, but it really looked more like a chembow, except it wasn't in the sky. it also lacked the signature arc of a true rainbow and seemed broken and fragmented. the colours on it were very vivid, very brilliant. it was so obvious and noticeable that who knows, maybe someone with a better camera than my little phone one managed to capture some better shots of it. for what it's worth, i post my pics here.

i don't know what it was/is but we have had massive chem activity since about saturday. monday rained all day, tuesday too i think and yesterday (wednesday) it looked like starting to clear. between the clouds and murk if any blue patches have been able to be seen they usually have the white smear of toxicity that indicates chemtrails laid above the grey (man-made) murky cloud cover.

i wish the pics were better but that's all i could take. 

Monday, 30 July 2012

sunday 29 july

sunday morning the planes must have been out nice and early because we woke to chemtrails above and being blown toward us with the help of a keen northerly.

check out this pic - no, it's not big blobs of white paint on my camera lens - they are 'clouds' that drop their payload on land and sea and everything contained therein...

that was taken at 11.25am. what a lovely start to the day!

pic at left taken facing north 12.27pm

pic above facing west at 1.32pm and pic to the right was taken
facing southwest at the same time. so you can see, we are basically smothered and surrounded with the dreaded things!

by 3.29pm solar obscuration was being achieved. look at that pic at the bottom of the sun. lines. lines that tell me that this is war against nature - weapon of choice? chemtrails.

all day long those trails dripped and dropped, blown on the wind and dumped onto the unsuspecting residents of tawa.

such a strong wind blew them to bits, but at 4.57 pm they were still up there, laying more. dumbarses.

pic left was taken at 4.56pm, facing west. if you think that is harmless then sorry, there is something really, really wrong with you.

by 5.16pm that is what it had turned into.

so the darkside got to 'tick' off a few boxes yesterday in their war against nature and us.
population dusted and dumbed down? tick!
sun obscured to prevent absorption of vitamin d? tick!
a totally naturally nice day fucked with and screwed? TICK!!

i couldn't take any photos last night because i don't have a good enough camera but we could still see chemtrails last night and we also saw a massive cloud type ring, right around the moon.

this morning it rained and the sky is one big grey murky blanket. underneath it though, a bit of blue sky manages to be seen...

too bad it's being obscured further still by more chems!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

how to ruin a day via aeroplane...

saturday 28 july. the day looks like it's going to be just like yesterdays weather - PERFECT! honestly, friday 27 july was massively gorgeous! crisp, clear blue skies with just the lightest of a breeze and unadulterated sunshine all day long! it was lovely, and i'm sure most of us made the most of it.

so today looks like it's going to be exactly the same - yay! except someone else has something else in mind for us...


pic below is taken at 12.12pm

photo to the right taken at 1.26pm

 photo above taken at 1.59pm, below is a bit of a zoom in, just to really see the evil contained in the trails.

the photo above, taken at 2.57pm shows that the end of the bombardment is almost over! populace dusted and bombed for the day!

but in order to appreciate WHY I LOOK UP SO MUCH i have to, very often, LOOK DOWN AROUND ME and appreciate the perfection of nature.

the reason i hate chemtrails is because it is flat-out undeniably man killing nature.

i mean after all, isn't that the reason most of us want to expose these aerosol trails for what they are? because we have a basic or maybe even very advanced, sense of nature and the beauty of nature? call it what you will, but i like to think of it these days as gods creation. chemtrails kill nature.

so at last the sun was unaccosted by that trail of crud and got to shine through like it should have all day long...

keep looking up, and keep looking down, to keep you looking up.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

11 july twothousandandtwelve

even though i haven't posted any photos lately, we have still been getting bombarded by chemtrails. i decided i'd better start pointing it out publicly again.

those above, taken at 8.51 in the morning facing east and west.

top pic 11.22 am

middle pic 1.40 pm

bottom pic 4.52 pm

here's my theory. they spray the trails, as seen above at 8.51 am. the trails expand and fall apart as they are moved along with the help of the wind. as the trails are falling they start to form the puffball 'clouds' as seen at 11.22 am. the puffballs then become bigger and coalesce with one another, as seen at 1.40pm. with the wind having been coming from the south that day, it's all being blown north and we are left with a beautiful clear sky in it's wake, as seen at 4.52 pm. have a close look at those trails above the hills. it illustrates almost perfectly what i am positing. in real life when you observe those sorts of trails you can see them dropping dust, literally falling apart very slowly. then for whatever reason this does that and you get the thick, sludgey cover that can be seen directly above the hilltop. it is solar obscuration of the most enormous magnitude. i may be wrong, i don't know. i might be right. i know what i've seen and continue to see. i do know that this day was meant to be lovely, an absolute gift in the middle of winter. the clear blue skies that can be seen imprisoned behind the fake arse 'clouds' attests to that. but no. we weren't allowed a nice day to top up our reserves of vitamin d and photons. we got chembombed instead. and that really pisses me off.

it's a worldwide problem...

i know from my own personal experience that the problem of chemtrails is a worldwide thing. the photos below were taken by me on the other side of the world from where i live. we are ALL under attack, in some way, from some thing.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

25 april - war programming day

yesterday was war programming day for nz. this is the day when the powers that are and the media bang on and on and on and on about all the men who went overseas to fight in the first and second world wars.

of course, you and i know the REAL reason these innocent sheep were sent to fight. it was to make the rich richer and to lay some more foundation blocks for their new worse odour.

everyone who is a blind follower in nz adorn themselves with a symbolic red poppy on this day. why? because apparently there were poppies overseas where these guys fought and died. or maybe it's because the beast chose the red poppy to symbolise their wars and celebrate the opium trade that they started and they continue to control.

foolish sheep in nz also continue to allow themselves to receive further war programming year after year to reinforce several key lies:

* the inevitability of war
* the necessity of war
* the fear of war
* the celebration of war
* these men fought these wars and died in these wars for our freedom!

wtf? for our freedom? freedom from what? we are LESS free than we've ever been in our entire history! and we certainly got no fucken freedom from the dustbomb chemclouds that they dumped over us yesterday, on what would've been a perfect day otherwise...

the pic above is a zoom in. what they sprayed over us yesterday was dust. pure fucken toxic dust. we got bombed. so some men went to fight in a war overseas that they knew fuck-all about to protect my freedom but i can't get any freedom from chemclouds, chemtrails or dustbombs. freedom? yeah, right.


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

the week of chems

the week that was, last week, was a mixed bag as it always is, when you are the victim of weather warfare...

monday 5 march 9.35am - chemtrail sitting on the hill, ready to come and get us! we ended up having a lovely day but we still had chems in the morning, afternoon and evening. look at the sky - so blue and nice!

tell tale halo around the sun, this pic was taken 6 march at about 8.42 am. this day degenerated into a cloudy day all day with chems apparent through the breaks in the cloud.

pic to the right taken at 1.10pm 7 march. we've got chemsmears at the bottom of the frame and fake toxic whiteys up the top. the right hand top of the photo just shows the halo of toxic shit around the sun. this day went down hill fast. in the afternoon the wind changed to the south, it pissed down with rain and the wind ramped it up about 100 notches and gave us killer southerlies. how delightful.

8 march was fully cloudy so didn't get any snaps of chems but the weather was warfareful - freezing cold like winter and still the killer southerlies were around.

pick your poison, cos it's all here. 9 march 8.00am. this day was cloudy all day then cleared in the afternoon.

saturday 10 march was a day of solar obscuration. i took over 50 photos on this day alone. obviously i can't post them all, cos that would be silly, but here is a fair idea of why wellington's summer was 21% LESS SUNNY than last summer, and the cloudiest summer since records began in 1928. as you know, it's cos they pump crap into the sky that obscures the sun. enjoy...

10 march 8.03am, facing west.

10.32am, facing east                                                                 

 pic to the right, taken 10.33 facing northwest.

the wind was quite strong this day, and coming from the north. a lot of what they pumped up there just wouldn't stick around, the wind blew it away, so they sent it in from the west. this pic taken at 2.40pm.