and other new world order nasties in aotearoa

Thursday, 26 April 2012

25 april - war programming day

yesterday was war programming day for nz. this is the day when the powers that are and the media bang on and on and on and on about all the men who went overseas to fight in the first and second world wars.

of course, you and i know the REAL reason these innocent sheep were sent to fight. it was to make the rich richer and to lay some more foundation blocks for their new worse odour.

everyone who is a blind follower in nz adorn themselves with a symbolic red poppy on this day. why? because apparently there were poppies overseas where these guys fought and died. or maybe it's because the beast chose the red poppy to symbolise their wars and celebrate the opium trade that they started and they continue to control.

foolish sheep in nz also continue to allow themselves to receive further war programming year after year to reinforce several key lies:

* the inevitability of war
* the necessity of war
* the fear of war
* the celebration of war
* these men fought these wars and died in these wars for our freedom!

wtf? for our freedom? freedom from what? we are LESS free than we've ever been in our entire history! and we certainly got no fucken freedom from the dustbomb chemclouds that they dumped over us yesterday, on what would've been a perfect day otherwise...

the pic above is a zoom in. what they sprayed over us yesterday was dust. pure fucken toxic dust. we got bombed. so some men went to fight in a war overseas that they knew fuck-all about to protect my freedom but i can't get any freedom from chemclouds, chemtrails or dustbombs. freedom? yeah, right.