and other new world order nasties in aotearoa

Friday, 17 August 2012

11 august 2012

saturday 11 aug was looking like it was going to be another beautiful day, and it would've been, if not for some jerkoff going flying in his plane and dumping some chems on us...

that pic was taken at 9.17am. welcome to your weekend, suckers!

top pic taken at 1.46pm

middle at 3.03pm

bottom at 3.33pm.

the goal of the day was obviously solar obscuration and by and large they succeeded. look at the photo at the right though - you can see it's really meant to be a lovely day and then they come along and fuck it up for us all!

pure fucken chemicals, right there! it's like chemsmear 101. pink halo around the sun. wispy edges at the top where it's being blown apart. ripple effect through it. grrrrr! 

the pic just above and to the right were taken from inside. at this stage we had abandoned all outdoor activities on our day off from slaving for the man and had retreated indoors due to the chems being blown apart by the northerly that was starting to pick up. the pic at the right was taken at 4.44pm.

now, this is where it gets interesting and i'm starting to see a pattern forming. we were given all this skyshit on saturday. the wind was coming from the north so all this stuff passed over us all day long. you can see it was meant to be a fantastic day, that is without debate. when sunday arrived it was absolutely pissing down with rain and the wind and weather were coming from the south - so we got it all again, this time in the form of rain. it seems to be happening like that a fair bit lately. whether you get it dry in the form of the powdery chems that drop on fine days or whether you get it in the form of toxified rain clouds it really seems like you just can't escape them.

and as for monday afternoon, well, the pricks were just having a good old laugh...

it's literally enough to make you sick!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

another man-made 'natural' occurence?

was the eruption of mt tongariro triggered by some type of HAARP device?

with the excuse of all the 'ash' in the atmosphere will this allow even more chemtrail activity to be carried out?

could this be part of the preparation for the "holographic 'screen'" required for project blue beam?

or was it just a totally natural occurence - mt tongariro blew a bit of ash and whatnot?

Thursday, 2 August 2012

freaky rainbow in the sky...

i snapped some pics of a very strange rainbow over the sea in the strait between the north and south islands.

it was like a rainbow inasmuch as it appeared to be near ground level, but it really looked more like a chembow, except it wasn't in the sky. it also lacked the signature arc of a true rainbow and seemed broken and fragmented. the colours on it were very vivid, very brilliant. it was so obvious and noticeable that who knows, maybe someone with a better camera than my little phone one managed to capture some better shots of it. for what it's worth, i post my pics here.

i don't know what it was/is but we have had massive chem activity since about saturday. monday rained all day, tuesday too i think and yesterday (wednesday) it looked like starting to clear. between the clouds and murk if any blue patches have been able to be seen they usually have the white smear of toxicity that indicates chemtrails laid above the grey (man-made) murky cloud cover.

i wish the pics were better but that's all i could take.