and other new world order nasties in aotearoa

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

after lunch, 28 february

this is what we got, just before lunchtime, at 11.51am...

the photo below, taken at 12.43pm shows that it would have been a fantastic day if those fuckers would just fuck off and leave us all alone...

we were spared for most of the rest of the afternoon though, and thank god for that cos my tomatoes are having a really hard time ripening up just from the lack of sunshine hours we are getting.

 glowing with their poisonous power, marring an otherwise perfect sky were these toxic whiteys, iridescing through the sunlight. as i stated in my previous post, i believe these to be formed from what falls from the aerosol sprayed high above.
those 2 pix were taken at 2.40pmish

look around the edges of the 'clouds'. bet you didn't see that in a cloud 3 years ago. in fact, i've only just started noticing that iridescence quite recently.

toxic whiteys were still scudding over head,  blown along by a keen southerly and blown apart by the same keen southerly. as i sat and watched this one above, i could see it falling apart before my eyes. you can't tell from the photo, but to see it with the naked eye you could see the dust in the air.

so we copped it in the morning and for most of the afternoon, but by evening it was a cracker and we got to see the sun go down, with a tell tale halo that tells those of us 'in the know' there was some serious shite in the atmosphere...

the sun going down at 7.23pm. and look at that marvellously clear sky looking south - just absolutely fantastic. even though the sky must have been toxic the sun stills looks so beautiful going down

twentyeighth of february

apologies now for what is going to be very photo heavy, but yesterday was a real lesson in the anatomy of a chemcloud for the residents of north wellingtown, if they cared to pay attention and look up...

the sun just coming over the rise, taken at 8.02/3.
it looked like it was going to be a fantastic day.

facing southwest direction 9.34am

the photo above was taken at the same time, just different
direction, and the one to the right is facing north

those above, all taken at around 9.46-8. the stuff that was up there was incredibly fine, so fine i couldn't even compare it with anything except to say i fancied it was metallic dust.
about a quarter of an hour later, at around 10.04am, this is what we were contending with above us...

look at the picture to the right. i think that whatever it was that they pump up there sort of all falls apart and gets attracted to something else further down and then it makes those yukky looking bright white clouds. they have an iridescence to them too, that can be seen when they pass over the sun, if you've got polarised sunnies on. that's why i'm getting a bit curious about those seemingly 'traditional' looking 'clouds'. i watch the sky a hell of a lot, and i've got my sunnies on to do it. i can see all this shit all the time now, and i have been for a while too.

20 minutes later...

a zoom in on one of those clouds. maybe it's just because i stare at clouds too much, but i imagine i see an iridescent rainbow type effect through that muck. i also fancy my idea about how those white clouds form. you can see all that muck just dropping and coalescing into that toxic puff of counterfeit cloud. and look at the clear, lovely sky that we were meant to have!

look carefully at these pictures. you can see that stuff just pouring down. i guess i should've got some pics of where it was coming from, but i had come inside by this stage and took these photos out the window. but look left - you know it was such a nice day, really, if we didn't get all this shit, but nice and warm and all of a sudden here is a nice, fluffy, normal looking cloud and not even, it's a manufactured freak against nature.

those were taken 11.21 - 11.25. beautiful clear sky, aerosol at the top, making the fluffy toxins below. it was a brisk southerly blowing yesterday. these things were trooping across the sky alright.

it was hard to try and catch it, but you can make out some of the iridescence in that cloud going over the sun.

they were taken at 11.30. gosh, not even lunch time yet!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

ugly skycrap on friday & saturday

here's some pictures of the crud above us in the afternoons of friday 24 february and saturday 25 february...

i don't know what the fuck all that shit is up there, but it doesn't look natural or healthy to me. here's some of saturdays crap...

killing us slowly with their shit....

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

21 february 2012

today has been warm, as you'd expect for summer. we've had cloud all day here but now it's blowing quite hard and sending us some new crap via the 'clouds'...

it might be a bit hard to see in the photos, but the dark gray clouds, the ones on the bottom, are actually fine chemaerosols that are breaking apart in the wind. we could see them 'dripping', except they're doing it from the top.