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Thursday, 2 August 2012

freaky rainbow in the sky...

i snapped some pics of a very strange rainbow over the sea in the strait between the north and south islands.

it was like a rainbow inasmuch as it appeared to be near ground level, but it really looked more like a chembow, except it wasn't in the sky. it also lacked the signature arc of a true rainbow and seemed broken and fragmented. the colours on it were very vivid, very brilliant. it was so obvious and noticeable that who knows, maybe someone with a better camera than my little phone one managed to capture some better shots of it. for what it's worth, i post my pics here.

i don't know what it was/is but we have had massive chem activity since about saturday. monday rained all day, tuesday too i think and yesterday (wednesday) it looked like starting to clear. between the clouds and murk if any blue patches have been able to be seen they usually have the white smear of toxicity that indicates chemtrails laid above the grey (man-made) murky cloud cover.

i wish the pics were better but that's all i could take. 

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