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Monday, 7 January 2013

an ill wind blows...

sunday 6 january started off as a lovely day - not a cloud in the sky and a real summer's day, nice and hot and perfect for getting some pure vitamin d courtesy of the sun. the day before had been a real cracker too, so i was starting to think that maybe the chemplanes had broken down and they were leaving us alone this weekend. ha - wrong!

as well as being sunny and warm the day was also still, just the barest breath of wind was coming from the north. it was about this time that we noticed some poops in the sky in the form of aerosolized corporate poison lying to the east of our place. and then, seemingly out of nowhere the wind just started howling from the south! it was a day of no wind and then all of a sudden it's spun around to scream up from the south?!

that's good, i thought, it will push the chems that are above us away!

little did we realise what we were actually in for: a good old dust-bombing covering the entire area from wellington to tawa, and beyond, courtesy of the suspicious southerly that came up out of nowhere.

fuck knows how much crap they had sprayed into the atmosphere earlier, down south, but it all came down to earth again, and all over us. we could see it, and we knew where it had come from. when we watched it going over us it was all 'just there', so low, almost like we could touch it. yuck.

don't be fooled into thinking that those whitish fluffy looking clouds are clouds because they're not. they are the particles that fall from the chems and coalesce to form what could be mistaken for clouds.

so the day got dustier and murkier, the sun totally disappeared behind all the muck coming from the south and needless to say we didn't go outside for the rest of the day. we wondered if they were doing some sort of cloud-seeding and were going to make it rain because the 'clouds' were starting to become quite dark. but no, no rain ever came. and through the gaps in the sludge i saw what our day was meant to be like...

underneath the sludge, crap and shite was the day we were meant to have - clear blue skies, warmth and sun sun sun.

as happens here often, and as posted before, tawa seemed to be the end point for their little exercise. the 'clouds' seemed to break up over us, leaving us to see that they effectively hijacked our day, stolen our sun and poisoned us with fuck-knows-what.

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